Auto Enrolment staging date help

Posted by / March 2, 2015 -

Many smaller businesses are now receiving first contact from the pensions regulator regarding Auto Enrolment for pensions and it is becoming clear that many do no know what to do.
The first step is to identify your Auto Enrolment Staging Date. This is the date by which your business needs to be ready to process payroll in line with the new auto enrolment regulations. For many small businesses owners this is a shock as the reality of auto-enrolment is upon them.

Read on to find out how to find your staging date.

The issue is that the Staging Date is both the start and the end of the planning process. You should formulate a plan that takes you to the staging date but you first need to know the staging date and work backwards in your planning process. We would recommend at least 9 months preparation time is needed in order to implement auto-enrolment properly and with due care.

You can find your staging date by visiting the site of the pension regulator and using their staging date checker tool. You will need your PAYE reference associated with your scheme.

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